LOCA – Jaapani kohvifilter, mis eemaldab kibeduse ja päästab esile kohvioa tõelised maitsed.

<transcy>LOCA - Japanese coffee filter that removes bitterness and brings out the real flavors of coffee beans.</transcy>

Imagine a black coffee taste so silky, clean and mild, that you don't ever want to spoil it with milk and sugar. That is exactly the result with  LOCA porous ceramic coffee filter from Japan, which has already conquered the hearts of cafes and coffee lovers of Estonia and the word is quickly spreading out to the rest of Europe. 

While most coffee filters remove more or less only the coffee grain, the LOCA ceramic coffee filter does what no other known filter in the world is capable of. The fine pores of the "stone filter" trap all the substances that actually cause the bitter tastes of coffe – they are coffee bean oils, tannins, coffee grounds and even lime and chlorine resedues in the water. The result is no longer a brown and hazy liquid, but a dark dark red, silky and exceptionally smooth coffee drink. From the shadows of the bitter and sour oils emerge the sweetness of the coffee bean itself and all the pleasant aromas and tastes that the Japanese call "umami". You'll notice the mediocre coffee bean suddenly becomes quite good and the nuances of high-quality specialty coffee even clearer than before.

LOCA keraamiline kohvifilter

Easy to use, wherever you are.
Brewing coffee with LOCA ceramic coffee filter is extremely easy and only takes 3-4 minutes. Coffee grounds in the filter, water on top and let it drip straight into the cup if you wish. It is worth noting that the pores of the filter are extremely fine (50 microns), so it is better to use coarse coffee grounds to ensure a smoother flow. Today, such special grinding can be found in coffee shops and of course on LOCA e-store as well.  For those who have the opportunity to breathe life into any old coffee grinder standing in a corner of the cupboard somewhere, the choice of coffee is endless. As the filter takes close to no room at all, it is ideal for a small kitchen, summer house or even on hikes and trips.

LOCA keraamiline kohvifilter

Good for your health, nature and wallet – everybody wins!
The LOCA ceramic coffee filter is handmade from natural materials and does not even require paper filters, making it the most sustainable coffee maker in the world. If a medium-sized cup of black coffee contains only a few calories, the number of calories with sugar and milk can get as high as a hundred calories. It is a known fact, that coffee oils contain substances such as cafeol and cafestol, which have been linked to the bad kind of cholesterol. In addition to coffee, the Japanese themselves also make tea with LOCA and soften the water for soup and rice cooking. Even wine and spirits are filtered just before drinking to soften the taste.

LOCA U kujuline filter

New and innovative across Europe
The LOCA ceramic coffee filter is indeed considered as one of the best kept secrets of Japan. It has been developed and manufactured in the famous ceramic and handicraft area of ​​Saga-Arita for over 20 years. LOCA arrived first in Estonia just at the end of 2020, thanks to Kristjan Rabi's lucky chance meeting the right people while visiting Tokyo. Today, the "stone filter" – as Estonians have nicknamed it, has taken its place in almost a thousand homes, best cafes and restaurants all over the country. The rest is history in the making.