You could well say this is a family business of people who have enjoyed good coffee all their lives.

Hello, I am Kristjan Rabi, a former journalist of the Estonian TV3 news, a morning radio and TV show host, a copywriter and many other wonderful ocupations along the way. For the past 10 years I have been co-running the very first Estonian watch company AEGAON Watches. My passion amongs other things has always been coffee. My life was turned upside down when I stumbled up on the makers of LOCA filter in Tokyo back in 2019.
In 2020 I founded „Head Asjad Ltd“ so that the LOCA ceramic coffee filter could be imported from Japan and finally reach coffee lovers back here in Estonia. The company has LOCA exclusive rights throughout the Baltic Sea region and friendly relations directly with the manufacturer's (Kubota Minoru Ceramics Ltd) export representatives in Tokyo. We are engaged in retail and sales, and also offer filter-related training to resellers and company team events.


We order products directly from the manufacturer in Japan and carry out a final on-site quality control of each incoming filter. We do our best to ensure that LOCA is in every home, restaurant and café, where it is welcomed. The main sales and communication channel is this e-store, through which orders reach parcel machines directly from our warehouse via our logistics partner "Pakipoint". We have done our best in the current situation, to make LOCA even faster and more physically available via the best cafes and restaurants all over Estonia:

Kokomo, Gourmet Caffee, OA Coffee Shop, Kius Resto, IIU Mekk resto, Kure Coffee, Pastorate, Säde Coffee Library, Café Fellin.

No concerns or inquiries received via email or social media channels have been missed within 24 hours of business days. We prefer to communicate by e-mail, as this is the only way we can operate and to ensure you the best and most timely service.


Our goal is to contribute to the Estonian and now Europes coffee culture by offering an alternative way of making and serving coffee, which is innovative, sustainable, environmentally friendly and healthy. We cooperate with local roasters ( KOKOMO , COFFEE PEOPLE , OA COFFEE ) , who supply the best quality coffee. They roast it fresh here in Estonia and they make sure that coffee farmers around the world get paid fairly for their work.

LOCA is for all coffee lovers who want to enjoy or discover the true flavors of coffee beans in their purest form. Also, all cafe's and restaurants that are ready to offer their customers coffee in a completely new form - in addition to the usual coffee. Keeping in mind customers with a more demanding taste.


May you represent yourself as a true coffee lover, cafe, restaurant or retail network - leave your thoughts in the contact form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.