LOCA is made of very fine-pore ceramic, so it needs to be cleaned from time to time. How often, depends more on the hardness of the water and the thickness and uniformity of the coffee grind. If you follow the user manual correctly, there's no reason why your LOCA filter shouldn't last forever.


Place the filter in a pot filled with water, add 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda and boil for approx. 15-20 minutes.

    • Place the filter in the water, facing opening up.
    • Use only baking soda.
    • Caution, the filter is hot after boiling. Let it cool.
    • The filter may break if you use cold water to cool it.
    • The clogging may not disappear if the cooking time is too short.


No matter how intense the clog is, burning the filter always works best. You can use handy tools such as a grill, gas stove, camping stove or gas burner. Before burning, make sure the filter is dry.

Grill - Carefully place the LOCA filter directly on the red coals or on a clean grill rack using pliers, burn for ca 15min. Turn the filter carefully with pliers from time to time to clean the entire surface of the filter. When no more smoke comes out of the filter, carefully lift it with pliers to cool it. You can also let it cool down along with the grill.

Gas Stove - Place the metal mesh firmly on the gas stove and your LOCA filter on top of it. Burn ca for 15 minutes. Turn the fitler with pliers from time to time to clean the entire surface of the filter. When there is no more smoke coming from the filter, turn off the stove and allow the filter to cool down.

Gas Burner
- Place the Loca filter upside down on a heat-resistant surface. Do this in a well-ventilated area (such as under a kitchen hood) or outdoors. Start burning from the top of the filter, moving smoothly towards the edges. Burn until no more smoke is emitted from the filter, then allow the filter to cool down.

* After cleaning any filter, always rinse the filter thoroughly under hot water or boil in a pot for a few minutes.

In order for your LOCA filter to serve you a long time, remember the following important usage guidelines:

  • Always rinse the LOCA filter thoroughly under running water after each use.

  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature - never use cold water to cool a hot filter or place a hot filter on a cold surface.

  • Avoid shocks - Always pack the filter securely for transport.

  • Avoid soaps and other detergents when cleaning, use only baking soda and water.