There is nothing complicated about using the LOCA filter. However, there are some basics that make coffee brewing easier and reduce the need for maintenance. We will also give you the recommended amounts of coffee beans and water to get you started, which you can change to your own taste later.

  • 10-15g of coarsely ground coffee beans per cup, 200-250ml of water.
  • 2-3 cups of 20-45g coarsely ground coffee beans, 400-450ml water.
  • # 1

    Open the pores by first pouring hot water all over the surface of the filter and let it drain. This will ensure a smoother flow.

  • # 2

    Use a coffee grind as coarse as a grain of sugar. (The grinding for a french press sold in a regular store is too fine).

  • # 3

    Allow the water to cool down to about 95C or just pour it on from higher up as you start to brew.

  • # 4

    Just moisten the coffee grounds with the first pour and let it simmer for 30 seconds.

  • # 5

    Pour the remaining water on in 3-4 parts.

  • # 6

    The longer the coffee grounds are exposed to  water the stronger the coffee will be and vice versa. 

  • # 7

    Rinse the filter thoroughly under running hot water after use,  immediately is better.

  • <transcy>KNOW YOUR COFFEE!</transcy>

    The lighter the coffee bean roast, the more flavors you'll taste. The darker the roast, the more the flavors are overshadowed by the roast taste. Be sure to give them all a try!