We are glad that LOCA has already found a place in more than 1000 homes in Estonia!  Feedback is as important to us as it is to you when making your purchase decision. Scroll down and read what others have said and feel free to share your own impressions with us!


    "It wasn't until with the third sip that I realized it was a coffee that was mild and didn't have that sour aftertaste. I've always had this flavor combination in my mind, but I thought it couldn't be achieved with coffee."

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    "Coffee made with the LOCA filter is a perfectly balanced and clean cup of coffee. Even with darker roasts, the oils in the coffee won't reach the cup. Due to its porosity, the "stone filter" effectively removes all oils, tannins and traces of bitterness".


    "There's really something about LOCA ceramic coffee filter that makes coffee very different. I've never gotten that kind of result from any coffee machine".


    "I've been wondering if anyone can actually detect the tastes of chocolate and caramel in coffee or is it just some kind of a posing thing? With LOCA I realized that it is possible!"


    "As an old pour-on coffee lover, I was quite amazed. I'm not in favor of large coffee machines, not to mention those ordinary paper filter coffee machines. Simply because there isn't much room for machines in my kitchen, plus all machines need maintenance. Then there's that little matter of friends coming over who don't like having coffee grounds in their teeth. This black little gadget makes everyone happy and I really do dare to recommend it."


    "LOCA ceramic coffee filter allows only the best of coffee to flow through  - the result is a clean and velvety coffee taste, and as you know, I don't compromise on quality."


    "Although I'm not a big coffee gourmet, this "stone filter" is comfortable to travel with and easy to use. The coffee made with it is one of the best I've ever had."


    "I was quite skeptical before I bought it - as businesses tend to promise all kinds of things. But the taste is really very good, clean and mild - It's been ages since i last wanted to drink black coffee. I've had friends who are not exactly coffee lovers, enjoy coffee made with LOCA. Their response has been "Yees, this I could drink"! So glad! The filter however tends to clog every now and then, but I can understand the reason. For that excellent taste it provides, I am willing to take those extra measures to clean it".


    "Until recently, I didn't distinguish between coffee and coffee at all. They all seemed like the same to me, just bitter drinks to keep off  drowsiness. I had to mix coffee with plenty of cream and sugar to tolerate the taste. What LOCA does is, that it removes that unpleasant taste of bitterness and sourness for me, but maintains a good full boddy and taste i can enjoy. Cleaning the filter, which seemed annoying at first is now long a yesterdays concern".