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COFFEE PEOPLE - LR Ethiopia Chelchele, Yirgacheffe, 500g

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COFFEE PEOPLE Roasted light bean selected by Arnold Ilves and specially ground for LOCA.

Flavors: Black tea, plum, jasmine
Grinding: coarse

> "We chose Ethiopia Chelchele because it is a strong coffee that is ideal for brewing and works well for Locale. Ethiopia Chelchele is pleasantly flora and plum, which is standard for coffee on the African continent. But it never gets tired because it is and remains very exotic to the taste buds.
The Loca filter has a good ability to enhance the strong flavors in the coffee itself. A.Ilves

Ethiopia Chelchele, Yirgacheffe
Growth height 2000masl

This Yirgacheffe coffee is grown and processed by Metad with in turn, more than 2,000 local Gedeb farmers work together.

Metad founded the Gedeb fermentation plant, which has enormous advantages in processing beans. In the processing stage, for example, more time is allowed to dry the coffee to create a high-quality, complex-tasting result. Metad understands the natural richness of the Gedeo region, as well as its concerns, which encourage them to promote more environmentally friendly farming practices.

In addition, funding will be provided for the construction of local roads and a primary school with 800 students.