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KOKOMO El Salvador El Molinito, 500g

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A bean named EL SALVADOR EL MOLINITO with freshly ground medium roast, specially selected by the KOKOMO roasting master and specially ground for the LOCA filter.

Taste nuances: Creamy, chocolate, grape, maple.
Roast: Medium / Dark
Grinding: Coarse

El Molinito coffee is from El Molino Farm, one of the most important and remarkable manors of the JASAL group, is located in the Cordelliera de Apenecast in the Apaneca Ilamatepec. This volcanic range runs through the departments of Ahuachapán, Santa Ana and Sonsonate in the west of El Salvador and houses many of the country's top Cup of Excellence farms. There are four volcanoes in the mountain range, with Santa Ana dominating.

El Molinito is a selection of the farm's most productive trees, Bourbon and Pacas. They were chosen for this project because of the homogeneity of the ripeness of the cherries, which allows precise control and processing. The importance of selective picking and attention to detail has become a very important feature of the farm's culture and success, bequeathed to the current owners Jose Antonio Jr. and Antonio Salaverria in 2011. After picking, the coffee is processed in Santa Anasa, near Beneficio Las Crucesis, before it is bagged and transported. As it is smaller, it can be planted closer, allowing a higher density per hectare and a higher yield for the farmer. According to the owners of the farm, where it was first noticed, the Pacas family, it was found in the Santa Ana area as early as 1949 and now accounts for about 25% of El Salvador's coffee production.