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KOKOMO Kenya PB Zawadi 500g

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Kenya PB Zawad bean with light roasting, freshly ground and specially ground for the LOCA filter, selected by the KOKOMO roasting master.

Roast: Light
Grinding: Coarse

Zawadi, whose mills cover three counties that were formally the central province of Kenya, is a mixture , created and maintained by our exporter using carefully selected pearls, mainly at Kamandi and Ndia-in coffee factories.

Ndia-ini is 5 km from Mukurwe-ini and uses fresh water from the Gikira River for processing. The proximity of the river gives the factory its name, which in translation means the ponds of the river in Kikuyu. Kimandi is located in the village of the same name near the town of Kabare. The word Zawadi itself is in Kiswahili and means ‘gift’.

The coffee is picked and processed in each wet mill before being sorted and ground, where it is sorted, peeled and packaged for shipment. Processing in Kenya involves removing the flesh from the berries and passing it through sorting channels that sort the beans by density. The beans are then fermented and, after fermentation, washed and soaked for a further 24 hours. This process is thought to develop amino acids and add extra clarity and complexity to coffee.

SL varieties are common in Kenya. Originating from what was known as Scott Laboratories in the 1930s, SL28 is derived from a population of one tree known as Tanganyika drought-resistant, which was related to the Bourbon plant family. The SL34 was made in a similar way, but from the French Mission's partner at Loresho Estate in Kabete. The French Mission has always been considered part of the Bourbon family tree, although recent genetic tests have shown that it belongs to the Typica family tree.