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  • LOCA keraamiline kohvifilter
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  • LOCA ceramic coffee filter
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LOCA FILTER – small U shaped

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Discover the true flavors of coffee beans - the pleasant ones that until now, have been overshadowed by the coffee bean oils and tannins that cause bitterness. LOCA ceramic coffee filter's unique porous material removes the unpleasant, bringing forward only the best tastes and aromas hidden in your coffee bean.

Forget paper filters and other unneseccary widgets. Just put the coarsely ground coffee grounds in the filter, pour on hot water and let it flow straight into the cup - it's that easy. Your coffee will be silky smooth, clean tasted and full bodied like never before.

You can successfully use LOCA ceramic coffee filter to make tea and purify drinking water from lime and chlorine residue. The filter is reusable for unlimited times, if you follow the care take instructions in the manual.

The LOCA ceramic coffee filter is environmentally friendly and hand made exclusively from natural materials in Japan's famous Saga-Arita ceramic area.


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The small U-shaped LOCA filter is suitable for making coffee directly into the cup. The holder of the filter is not needed, but it does grant the freedom to choose dishes and adds spectacle to the making. You can order the holder separately. The longest diameter of the filter from edge to edge is 11cm.

Use 10-15g coarse ground coffee beans per cup, 200-250ml water. The recommended water temperature is 95 degrees. Preparation time 3-4min.


There are two simple tips for maintaining the LOCA filter and removing blockages - burning and boiling in water with baking soda. Read more about maintenance here.